under armour website

As one of the world’s most respected athletic apparel companies, Under Armour hired Huge to fully redesign their online ecommerce experience. The goal was to design a site that did a better job of showcasing the breadth and depth of product offerings, as well as highlight Under Armour’s breakthrough innovations that differentiated it from competitors. I not only played an instrumental role in the site redesign, but also took the lead in designing a unique exhibit space at Under Armour headquarters. The exhibit illuminated needs and behaviors of 5 different customer segments based on extensive user research across 3 US cities.

Per insights from our research, we refined and prioritized site features. For instance, we learned that the "E-buyer" segment (i.e. those who love shopping online and dislike going to stores) become frustrated when they can't understand how an item will fit without trying on the item. To help solve this problem, we designed a prominent and extensive fit guide. On the other hand, the "Mall Walker" segment preferred shopping in stores - not online - because they liked to look at items from many different angles and quickly see available color options (which they felt they could not do online) . To entice these customers, we: (1) introduced bigger and better product photos from more angles and (2) clearly indicated all available color options from the search result view (i.e. early in the browsing process). The site launched in Fall 2011.

Things I did: User Research, Exhibit Design, Exhibit Prototyping, Ideation, Site architecture, Wireframing