scripps APPLE tv & ROKU apps (v 1.0)

The Scripps Networks over-the-top TV apps give cable subscribers on-demand access to Food Network, HGTV, and Travel Channel content through set-top digital media players like Apple TV and Roku. Scripps expanded to these platforms to increase viewership and, ultimately, ad revenue.

The main UX challenge revolved around information architecture. Specifically: (1) What screens do we need and (2) what navigation structures or content categories should be on those screens to help users find relevant content fast?  Since prior research indicated that most users browse by show (instead of by host or by topic), we prominently featured show navigation in both the main menu and at the top of the home screen.

We also wanted to reduce the number of steps needed to start watching video content. Traditionally, a user would browse a results page, select an episode, go to the episode screen, select "play," and finally start watching the episode.  We streamlined this flow by eliminating individual episode screens, choosing instead to take the user directly from a results page to watching an episode.

The apps launched December 2016. In the first 3 months post-launch, the apps were warmly received with over 1.3 million downloads.

NOTE: Since launch, the Apple TV app has been redesigned (July 2017).

Things I did: Wireframes, Information Architecture, Content Strategy