kirsch kiosk & website

As the leader in custom window treatments (blinds, draperies, and decorative hardware), Kirsch hired Huge to reinvent the “total window shopping” experience, allowing you to easily customize and purchase window treatments both in store and at home. The project encompassed three design challenges: (1) promotional space in a major US chain store, (2) a touchscreen kiosk for the in-store space, and (3) an e-commerce website. The in-store space inspired shoppers by showcasing different window treatment styles. Though the kiosk and website both allowed customers to browse and purchase product, the two interfaces required very different UX, since the kiosk was directly interwoven into the surrounding store environment. For instance in the store, there was a material sample area which had different metals, woods, and fabrics that the customer could see and touch. Depending on which window treatments had been viewed on the kiosk, customers were directed to specific materials in the sample area to aid in their buying decisions. This cross-platform project underscored the importance of thinking about how context affects design.

Things I did: User Research, Competitive Analysis, Site Architecture, Ideation, Wireframing