With over half a million user-submitted recipes, helped busy people get dinner on the table.  Prior to its redesign, the site was was not satisfying key user or business goals: (1) the main navigation was not helping users find what they needed, (2) the vast number of page templates made it difficult to maintain, (3) the site was not responsive which was a dire problem since our mobile traffic eclipsed desktop traffic, and (4) the templates were not flexible enough to accommodate different types of ads.

In January 2015, the newly redesigned responsive site launched. As lead UX designer, I helped transform the site from a poorly organized and cluttered experience to a streamlined one that featured simpler navigation, fewer templates, flexible templates, native ad integration, and a more user friendly taxonomy. Post launch, engagement went up and we received more traffic from our target audience.

Note: As of 2017, the website is no longer live. It was rebranded and launched as Genius Kitchen.

Things I Did: Ideation, Wireframes, Information Architecture, A/B testing