ios & android apps

With a consistent 4.5 star rating and high engagement of roughly 13 pageviews per session, the iPhone and Android apps make it easy to find recipes, plan weekly menus, create customized shopping lists and see what’s on sale at your local grocery store. These apps expand the brand and it's core functionality to mobile platforms in an effort to gain more active users.

In a beta release for the iOS app, we quantitatively tested: (1) the effectiveness of on-boarding users via an app tour and empty state copy, (2) the best time to prompt users to sign up for an account, and (3) overarching color scheme (warm or cool colors). Ultimately, the app tour was not very effective in engaging users, but more contextual help like empty state copy was a better option. The best time to prompt for registration was when the user wanted to save a recipe (which in hindsight makes sense since these users are more loyal), as opposed to times when the user was in the middle of browsing recipes. The cooler color scheme performed slightly better than the warm one (and it differentiated us from our competitors). 

Subsequently when designing for Android, we focused on adjusting navigation to better reflect Android UX patterns and removed certain features that had low usage on iOS. The iOS app launched in July 2014, while Android launched in June 2015.

Things I did: Ideation, Wireframing, Information Architecture, A/B Testing