Food Network iOS apps

Food Network’s redesigned In The Kitchen app gives you instant access to tried-and-true recipes from your favorite chefs and shows. For a comprehensive look at the redesign, check out this case study

Prior to redesign, the app did not meet key user and business goals (see the old app). User research indicated that: (1) it was not easy to browse for new recipes, (2)  it was difficult to find recipes from specific chefs and shows, (3) saving recipes was laborious, and (4) users were not engaging with the grocery list. From a business perspective, there were limited ways to integrate advertising and outdated code made it hard to iterate on new features quickly.

To address these challenges, we: (1) redesigned the home screen to make it easier for people to find new recipes (2) made chefs and shows more accessible via tabs in the navigation, (3) designed a quick and easy one-tap save, and (4) removed the grocery list entirely (further research revealed that people do not use recipe apps for list making). Along the way, we tested potential ideas (i.e. home screen layout and search location) and released a beta version of the app to refine our features pre-launch. Post launch (August 2016), ad impressions increased 350%, time spent in the app increased 38%, visits to the app increased 17%, , and the app garnered a consistent 4.5-star rating.

Things I Did: User Research, Customer Journey Mapping, Strategy, Ideation, Information Architecture, Wireframing, Prototyping, QA, HTML & CSS