The Scripps Networks over-the-top TV apps give cable subscribers on-demand access to Food Network, HGTV, and Travel Channel content through set-top digital media players like Apple TV and Roku. The apps initially launched in December 2016. Shortly thereafter, we began to think about how to make them even better - starting with Apple TV.

The goal of the Apple TV app redesign was three-fold: (1) make it easier for users to start watching video sooner, (2) give users more ways to browse related content, and (3) update the look and feel of the app to be more modern and engaging. Essentially, we wanted to increase the number of videos watched, as well as increase our ad revenue.

To achieve these goals, we did the following: (1) auto-play video on the home screen when the app launches, (2) display related content when a video is about to end, so users can seamlessly watch another video, (3) allow users to easily access related content at any time while watching a video.

These simple, yet impactful strategies paid off. Post launch, video views increased 138% and ad capacity (revenue potential) increased 25%.

Things I did: Wireframes, Information Architecture, Content Strategy